10 “Small” Details that Can Turn Out to be Disastrous when You Buy an Apartment

Accountant love apartment! Yes I am. The visit to the dream apartment has left you completely satisfied. But you have not realized you are about to buy a home with a lot of problems. Here are ten “small” details to not underestimate.

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1. Security. This is a beautiful apartment located on the first floor. Next to a garden. The price is great. Position, design and size are exactly what you wanted. But it is on the first floor and has no railing. In this case be careful, because this type of apartment is among the favourite of thieves.

2. Summer is a hell. The house is very hot in summer, in the spring it is a joy to open the windows and breathe the scent of the pines. But what you have not noticed is that, due to its exposure, in the summer it is a real oven because the sun beats for almost 18 hours

3. Crazy neighbour. It is not on the first floor and is not hot in summer. Perfect. Also, the price is good. But no one has told you that neighbour are crazy and love screaming or listening to high volume music at all hours.

4. Loss of waste. It’s a bit old apartment, yes, but it’s really cute, and with a couple of tweaks it will be perfect. What is ignored is that the whole building needs to be restored.

5. A building that will be constructed in front of the apartment. A wonderful newly constructed building in a new neighbourhood on the outskirts with a beautiful open space that allows you to enjoy spectacular views. But beware, what you do not imagine is that in that space there are going to build a huge block of flats or a school, whose playground will run right on your balcony.

6. The complaint. It’s the apartment of your life, and you do not mind paying a little more for it. What you ignore is that the building is not really in accordance with the law.

7. An open meeting place. From Monday to Friday it seems like a home of dreams. All is perfect. But on Saturdays and Sundays, the paradise becomes hell, because there are young people at home who are partying all night.

8. The hidden problem. Everything looks great. Shiny, clean and orderly. What the old owner did not tell you is that the apartment is very damp.

9. The rules are unknown. The house is fine, especially because it is possible to do some work: how to expand the studio or close the terrace and build a veranda. It is a pity, however, that they have forgotten to tell you that such interventions can not be carried out without the approval of the condominiums.

10. An imminent change of law. You bought the apartment for investment, but you have not considered any new laws that imply a tax increase.

To avoid many of these problems, it is good to rely on a real estate professional who, through training and experience, can be able to advise and avoid many of these issues. and if you want to buy a house? This is 5 Great Tips for First Time Homebuyers help you to buy a home.

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